Firefighters League of Activities Mentoring and Education

FLAME extends the scope and reach of the Fire Service beyond its traditional role by serving as a portal for a host of socially redeeming activities by raising awareness of issues related to the importance of fire safety. This is directed toward fostering initiatives and activities that create sustainability and a lasting imprint upon the quality of life in the communities.

Who Do We Reach?

It's the PEOPLE that matter.

We commit to engaging with the following groups of people, seeking to mentor and build relationships within the community, fostering educational opportunities and creating activities for these people:

Youth Pre-K to High School
Adults 18 & 35/Career Preparation
Local Businesses
Summer Fire Camp Initiatives
Seniors (In living Facilities and those who own private homes)

Why is FLAME so important?

We're building a brighter future by:

Advocating for Community Safety and Education

Youth Activities / Mentoring

Senior Safety Initiatives

Culturally Sensitive Literature

Assisting Fire Department as Ambassadors in their community

Committed to Seek Funding to Assist Communities Education Initiatives

Partnering with Elected Officials, Local Vendors, Schools, Organizations, Nonprofits, Corporations and other advocacy groups to assist with mission.

How Far Have We Come?

How Far Have We Come?

Measuring successes.
FLAME continues to educate the community on how to protect themselves through safety techniques and advice to assist in fire prevention and fire awareness by providing equipment and tools to assist the community.
Partnered with local organizations to promote community safety initiatives
Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser (Donation to “IN THE PINK” Montclair, NJ)
Established Senior Safety Initiatives for those in home or assisted living facilities
Created Culturally Sensitive Fire Safety Literature (Spanish, French Creole)
Community Food Drive (Food Bank, Thanksgiving Food Drive)
Toy Distributions to Multiple Organizations, Police and Fire Departments throughout NJ.


We find it important to support the Fire Departments and assist them in their efforts of fire prevention.

With FLAME (Firefighters League of Activities Mentoring and Education) a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization. We raise funds to assist those departments and the communities they are sworn to serve with donations, fundraising and sponsorships.

With this, we are able to assist with funding programs and award scholarships to local youth.