FLAME seeks to educate the community on how to protect themselves through safety techniques and advice to assist in fire prevention and fire awareness by providing equipment and tools to assist the community.

  • Establish a FLAME in every community – All towns should have a FLAME

  • Youth Advocates/Community & Youth Ambassadors

  • CERT (Adult and Youth) Community Emergency Response  Teams

  • Develop sports program/Cadet Academy Year round and summer programs

  • Obstacle Course, Track, Basketball, Chess, Softball, Debate Club Etc.) Local Academy’s &  Training Facilities

  • Second Language for first responders (Spanish, French, Chinese)

  • School AED /CPR Certification Program

  • Citywide AED/CPR Certification Program

  • Purchaser of AED’s for Communities that need them (Educate community of importance)
    SAFE CITY INITIATIVE – Community Involvement and Responsibility

  • Public Speaking Tour to all Communities, Fire Departments, Elected Officials

  • Provide Community funding and support for programs

  • FLAME NETWORKS inn communities of proximity interact and support all as one entity.

  • Establish office and training facility.

  • All Social Media Outlets / Radio and TV promotions

  • Establish FLAME Scholarships (Co-­‐hosted by Fire Department)